Is Laziness an enemy for betting success

“It is a natural human characteristic to get away with putting in very little effort.”

You can’t just spend 10 minutes looking at the Racing Post, or pick the same selection as your favourite tipster and expect to win long-term. Racing is a complex sport. You need to invest time initially and at the very least learn the fundamentals in order to gain an edge over 95% of punters. After all if it was that easy every man and his dog would be making a mint from the horses.

The main difference between punters who profit regularly from racing and those that don’t is….

Successful punters invest lots of time and energy into learning what works, and just as importantly they know what to avoid. There are many strategies that you can use to profit from racing. The key to success is learning to know which strategies to employ on which types of races.

To help you I’ve listed a few examples of the more obvious mistakes made by the majority of punters when selecting a horse to bet on.

  • Following hype horses.
  • Following trainer – jockey – Blindly
  • Following tipsters – Blindly
  • Backing or laying Favourites – Blindly

Other crucial factors most punters ignore are changes in the going, and the effect a non-runner can have on the potential outcome of a race.